How To Buy Diflucan

  1. Diflucan (fluconazole) can be prescribed by your doctor if you have yeast infection or meningitis caused by fungi. Sometimes it is used for yeast infection prevention in patients at risk of developing them. Make sure you talk to you health care provider about all the aspects of your treatment with Diflucan. Make sure to mention any medical conditions you have, such as AIDS, heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, liver disease, or irregular heartbeat, as well as any other health problems that you think may be important when your dose is being determined. You will need to tell your doctor if you are using any other medications that may potentially interact with Diflucan (for the list of potential interactions you will need to read the label carefully or ask your health care provider or your pharmacist). Tell your doctor if you develop such serious side effects as difficulty breathing or swallowing, extreme tiredness, hives, itching, lack of energy, pale stools, nausea, seizures, loss of appetite, dark urine, rash, and unusual bruising or bleeding. Less serious side effects may include stomach pain, change in ability to taste food, dizziness, heartburn, diarrhea, and headache.

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